Dota 2: Top typical heroes of each region DPC meta 7.29

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What separates a good update from a great update in Dota 2 lies in the variety of strategies and gameplay. The game would be very boring if most regions of the world used the same hero pool, with no changes in the layout and gameplay, no matter how much the game really balances. But with 7.29, we can say this is a great patch. Each DPC region has its own unique and typical heroes. With the Major just a few days away, it’s a good time to take a look at the top heroes representing each region.


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People often think of Mars as a very versatile, reliable offlane/mid hero and this is not wrong. Mars has been popular for a long time because of its undoable stun potential, powerful passive ability, and ultimate that traps opponents in an area. These qualities plus the high growth rate per level make Mars suitable for leading work and initiating team fights. South America seems to be the region that understands Mars’ original design intent best and knows how to best utilize the hero’s unique characteristics. That’s why Mars is the most picked and 2nd most competitive hero in this region.

Mars is one of the few heroes that has a true “taunt” built-in. Tanks in Dota are always a big deal. Players often avoid putting everything on the hero with the most health, the most buffalo, and focus on the goals that pose a real danger. Mars can basically force enemy ranged heroes to attack him, but possesses the ability to block projectiles (heroo ranged attacks) directed at Mars. In a meta where range carry heroes are becoming more numerous, knowing how to play Mars can reduce the strength of an opponent’s core position 1 by 70%. Even if the opponent plays core melee, you still have yourself a flexible, reliable and effective lead hero.


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This name is very popular in recent times. Warlock became a name no one liked in pubs thanks to North America. Although North America doesn’t really attract much attention, we can’t deny the strength of Warlock’s support. Increasing the survivability of everyone in the teamfight through the Shadow Word shard is what makes this hero so popular.

Despite being nerfed a bit, the article still believes that Warlock will not disappear from the North American lineup. That’s not to mention other regions can also join in harnessing the power of Warlock.


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Wraith King farm is extremely fast, so Radiance’s presence at 13 minutes is not uncommon. Once this item is obtained, the Wraith King’s Net Worth increases rapidly. This creates a huge advantage for the Wraith King team in the middle of the game. We can use it to end the game or take control of the entire map. Luna also has a similar gameplay idea but is easily countered by other meta heroes, like Mars and Faceless Void.

Talk about why Wraith King works. Because carry range has been buffed quite a lot lately, it makes teams have to pick heroes who can counter carry range. Some teams took it a step further, deciding to also pick heroes that could counter ‘range carry counter-heroes’. Pretty funny, isn’t it?


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Hero is the 4th most competitive in Southeast Asia, but barely exists anywhere else in the world. Bristleback is played in all three core positions, but most is still in the mid, where the hero can exploit the level advantage, to Vanguard and then the green stick. Even Vanguard alone is already very strong for Bristleback offlane.

It seems that the green stick buff in 7.29 helped Bristleback break into the professional meta of Southeast Asia. It seems like nothing terrible, but Goo has a very strong cast point 0 indeed. It takes 0.3 seconds of cast points every 1.75 seconds to spam Nasal Goo like you’re being stunned about 17% of the time. It sounds a bit exaggerated, but this is the most perfect explanation for why BB is so strong with a green club. This is one of the strongest buffs of 7.29 and SEA is the area where Bristleback is best promoted.


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Grimstroke loses about 60% of games in both pub and pro after 7.29. However, Western Europe continued to pick Grimstroke patch after patch, even though the hero didn’t receive any buffs.

Overall, the article believes that the hero is still worth playing and for everyone to discover in 7.29. Strong Dispel is an extremely powerful and rare mechanic in Dota 2. Grimstroke’s problem is that, while Aphotic Shield and Press the Attack trigger the effect immediately, Ink Swell has a Shard that doesn’t. It is not very effective when used against a long-lasting disable.

If used to initiate combat, it is also ok, but with Ink Swell’s effect, it is easy to recognize and easily countered by the opponent.


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Broodmother has been hugely popular since its remake in 7.229. Most pro teams have a Brood player on their team or they ban the hero in the initial two waves. Among them, professional China is the area where this hero is the most boss.

The article is not clear where Broodmother’s success really comes from. It could be that Shard has dropped the Web cooldown, it could also be that Insatiable Hunger has become a regular skill… But when China, where the professional arena is extremely fierce, is the place to play this hero the most, that means we don’t. Broodmother can’t be underestimated at all.

With the Major soon to take place, Dota 2 fans will once again be able to admire the eye-catching matches of professional teams. Will the typical heroes of each region appear again? Let’s wait and see!

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