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After parting with Tfue, the name FaZe Clan “desire” to have turned out to be this hot streamer

2018 may be a golden year for streamer Ninja when not only broke Twitch’s viewership record when livestreaming a game with famous rapper Drake, but also won The Game Award Best Streamer of the Year – The Game Award – the most prestigious award, likened to “Oscar” “of the game village. In 2019, his name became the center of attention again when he decided to part ways with Twitch to monopolize the rival platform – Mixer. Now, just a few days after announcing the official partnership with the prestigious fashion brand Adidas, Ninja was again given the opportunity to become a member of one of the organizations Esports The biggest and most famous in the world: FaZe Clan.


In an interview with famous YouTuber Mike Majlak, Ricky Banks – co-owner of FaZe Clan when asked: “If given the choice to sign anyone, alive or dead, the name FaZe Clan would like to have the most would be: Who?” replied that:


This year, FaZe Clan suffered a huge loss by losing star Turner’Tfue‘ Tenney by the controversy surrounding the employment contract. In May, Tfue officially sued FaZe Clan, accusing the organization of making unreasonable, unfair and exploitative impositions. Some time later, FaZe sued the Tfue again, accusing him of breaching his contract and enticing his former teammates to betray the organization. This makes the relationship between the two extremely tense and Ninja is probably the perfect choice to replace Tfue at this time.

With its current reputation and influence, if Ninja accepts the invitation, this is indeed a great business deal for FaZe Clan. Currently, Ninja has not yet responded to this request.​

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