Difference between Joomla and WordPress

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So Joomla and WordPress are the 2 leading open source in the field of web design today. If you want to create a sales, personal, … or website development website, you can’t help but know these 2 source codes and you need to know the difference between Joomla and WordPress to apply them in other cases. together.

If you are a frequent user of websites on the Internet, you must have visited many websites with a small slogan at the bottom titled “page”. Joomla website Website developed by WordPress. So what is Joomla and WordPress? What is the difference between Joomla and WordPress, the two leading Website development platforms today? Let’s also find out in the article below.

Joomla and WordPress

Many of the websites we have today already use these 2 website design apps, especially for those who are amateurs and don’t like to learn web application terms.

Between Joomla and WordPress, which application should you choose and for what purpose? The choice of which application to use depends on your different needs.

One of the first considerations when comparing Joomla and WordPress is user-friendliness. WordPress is considered more user-friendly than Joomla both from a novice perspective and from a developer’s perspective. WordPress is easier to use and navigate than with Joomla. This may be because Joomla has many advanced features and it seems that Joomla is less user friendly especially for first time users.

difference between joomla and wordpress

When it comes to flexibility, WordPress is the better choice, this is mainly due to the easy-to-use WordPress interface that allows for content management, especially for publishing content on a website.

Joomla is tailored to what is specific and has individual features that will provide different values ​​to users.

Easier to target diverse market segments using Joomla more than WordPress. If you need a quick blogspot then use WordPress. For websites or blogs with advanced functionality Joomla should be used as the application is built for such purposes.

Whether SEO is something you care about, using WordPress will bring this value to you. WordPress is widely known because the beneficial aspect of WordPress blogs is rapidly increasing on search engines.

By default WordPress is integrated with the built-in SEO package that allows websites to increase their rankings in a short time, depending on the frequency of content updates. Joomla will require some modifications that may require some advanced programming knowledge to reap the same benefits of SEO as in WordPress.

When it comes to integrations, Joomla clearly has the advantages in terms of integration. Integration on Joomla is quite easy when third-party applications or software need to be linked. The API provided by Joomla is a great tool for developers and they use it to extend the flexibility of their websites. On the integration front, WordPress is the weaker side, partly because their focus is on an easy-to-use control interface.

difference between joomla and wordpress 2

Add-on development is also clearly an advantage of Joomla over WordPress. It is important to note that add-on development is possible on both WordPress and Joomla, but there is a more powerful development environment to use as a second alternative. Joomla’s API development environment is quite powerful but WordPress is not suitable for Joomla’s API.

When it comes to management, WordPress has a clear advantage over Joomla. Using the dashboard in WordPress is quite easy, even a beginner user can get the hang of it pretty quickly. In contrast, the environment provided by Joomla will only appeal to developers, not novice users.

The difference between Joomla and WordPress is summarized as follows:

– WordPress is user-friendly and Joomla is the opposite.

– Using WordPress is more flexible than Joomla.

– The SEO ability of WordPress is stronger than that of Joomla

– Joomla offers better integration than WordPress

– Joomla add-on development is easier than WordPress API

– Managing everything on WordPress is simpler than on Joomla.

In general, with the article on the difference between Joomla and WordPress, we can see that the WordPress source code brings a lot of advantages compared to Joomla, so the number of WordPress users around the world is also slightly better. Both are free source code and must run on a pre-set server. However, WordPress has another blogging platform that allows you to create your own website and blog for free, which we introduced in the previous article on creating a WordPress blog.


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