How to turn off Facebook notifications on Firefox

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Turning off Facebook notifications on Firefox is an extremely necessary trick for many users who regularly visit Faceboko on Firefox, because those annoying notifications often appear continuously in the corner of the screen.

For many users, the Facebook notifications on Firefox really make them very headache and annoying every time they go to Facebook on Firefox browser, actually it is because the browser has set the Facebook notification permission on Firefox itself and if not. If you want to be bothered by those notifications, turn off Facebook notifications on Firefox with the instructions in this article.

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Note that, when entering Facebook, you can also set up receiving notifications from within Facebook’s settings.

How to turn off Facebook notifications on Firefox

Method 1: Turn off Facebook notifications on Firefox using system settings

Step 1: Access the menu icon on Firefox, select Options.

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Step 2: In the custom interface, you select the tab Nội dung >Notifications.

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Select item Choose…to select a list of applications and services that are allowed to display notifications on Firefox.

Step 3: In the interface Notifications Permissionsyou choose the Facebook link > Select Remove Site >Save Changes.

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So you can remove Facebook from the list of applications that are allowed to receive notifications on Firefox and from now on you will not have to receive Facebook notifications on Firefox anymore.

Method 2: Use Firefox’s hidden settings to turn off Facebook notifications on Firefox

Note that this way will turn off all notifications of services, applications connected to Firefox in general, not just Facebook.

Step 1: Access the Firefox address bar and enter the command line: about:config. Press Enter to access. Remember to choose I accept the risk! then you can enter the custom interface of experimental features on Firefox.

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Step 2: On the Search bar > type webno or type the whole command as dom.webnotifications.enabled to find the value that allows turning off all notifications on Firefox, including turning off Facebook notifications on Firefox.

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Step 3: Double click on the value False in column Value to pass the value from True >False.

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Restart Firefox to see the effect.

The trick to turn off Facebook notifications on Firefox is similar to how we turn off Facebook notifications on Google Chrome or on Coc Coc, but the naming of features and options on Firefox will be slightly different from web browsers. the best one. If you do not have a facebook account, please register for facebook to experience the attractive features of this social network. Besides, you can download facebook videos to your computer and watch in your free time after working or studying, facebook has thousands of videos uploaded every day with many different topics so you can freely enjoy Facebook videos

Especially if you are using one of the best web browsers today like downloading Google Chrome, Opera or Coc Coc, you will surely encounter the same situation as Firefox. So you can refer to and follow the instructions for each browser to make sure to turn off Facebook notifications correctly.
Firefox now has many new features that only Firefox update new version new users can use, for example, browsing offline on Firefox. However, to know if your Firefox is running the latest version of Firefox, try to check the version of Firefox you are using first, how to check the version of Firefox you are using is easy to do in many ways so you can choose how the easiest way to see the Firefox version.

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