Forget about gaming chairs because a much better gaming bed has appeared

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To gamer playing games for hours a day, supporting devices like gaming chair become an essential item. They help gamers, avoid harming the spine when sitting for a long time, and make them feel more comfortable and less tired.​


Not stopping at gaming chairs, recently a device company Esports in Japan called bauhutte has launched a new product that certainly makes many gamers feel excited, which is gaming bed. Players can lie on the bed while playing games and eating snacks, surely this is the dream life of many people.

This gaming bed has a higher headboard to support the gamer’s neck, a table for the keyboard, monitor and other essentials, a shelf for snacks, a tablet holder And of course, the most important part is the soft bed to ensure the comfort of the players.​


Of course, just looking at the texture can guess, this gaming bed is certainly not cheap at all. The reference price of this bed is expected to be up to 113,250 yen (about more than 24 million VND), moreover this is just a reference price when adding up the retail prices of each part together. Temporarily do not know what day this gaming bed will be released, bauhutte’s official website still has a lot of gaming support equipment, interested readers can check it out at THIS.​

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