Devil May Cry 5 reveals unique character information like never before

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Recently, Mr. Hideaki Itsuno – game publishing director “Devil May Cry 5” and the game development team received an interview from the Fami newspaper, and now that the foreign media DualShockers has summarized the main content mentioned in the interview, let’s see what those contents are.​


In the announcement bulletin announced at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018, Dante’s new motorcycle called Cavaliere has left a strong impression on the gaming community. When the game designers were asked where the inspiration came from to create such a wonderful vehicle, Izuno Hideaki frankly expressed that in the process of designing weapons, especially when designing weapons. by Dante, designers always try to apply solutions that make everyone feel interesting even when they are adults. In fact, game designers have had this idea since the development of Devil May Cry 2 but due to the hardware engineering is not strong enough to make interesting motorcycles, however until today. , maybe this idea of ​​theirs can be done.


Reportedly, in the interview, some game designers also mentioned the role of the new character, briefly called V, who previously appeared in the announcement of TOKYO GAME SHOW.

According to the introduction, the design of V has many differences compared to Dante and Nero. Compared to Nero and Dante, V is quite “fragile” and not as strong as the two main characters. Izuno Hideaki and the game development team said that they cannot reveal any information about V’s fighting style, but they are sure that V’s “fighting style” will be much different from Nero and Dante. It can be said that V will be a very special character, so creating this character also becomes one of the most difficult tasks for the development team.


In addition, the interview also mentioned Dante’s voice actor – Mr. Toshiyuki Morikawa, Mr. Izuno Hideaki and the game development team satisfied that, in real life, Mr. Toshiyuki Morikawa is a very interesting and somewhat very interesting person. like Dante, during the dubbing process, the game design team did not need to give him any instructions, they let him freely “role” and drop his soul into the same character. Up to the present time, the dubbing work for the game has also been completed, the game’s release has also developed to the final steps.

Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 8, 2019, so keep an eye out so you don’t miss out on this fascinating game.​

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