Just launched, iPhone 12 mini has made users “scream” because of screen errors

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As a manufacturer smartphone leading in the world, job Apple released iPhone 12 mini get the attention of the majority of users. As the name suggests, iPhone 12″ mini has an extremely compact size, only 5.4 inches, going against the current trend of producing smartphones with larger screens. Iphone 12 mini is also designed with 5 colors for users to freely choose: black, white, red, green and blue.​


Over the weekend, the first iPhone 12 mini reached users. However, contrary to the initial excitement and expectations, this smartphone made many people disappointed because of the screen error. On the MacRumors forum, many users shared that the iPhone 12 mini is not responding to their actions when on the lock screen. They can hardly activate the camera and flashlight, even the smartphone does not respond when they swipe the screen up with their thumb to unlock. Using other fingers to unlock the screen seems more effective, but with a phone designed for one-handed use, this is really annoying.​

This screen touch error only occurs with the lock screen, once the device is unlocked, the user will not face the same problem again. Many people believe that the cause of this error is due to electrical conduction, because when charging or removing the case, it can be used normally. This error also does not occur with all iPhone 12 mini.​


However, at present, there is no definitive confirmation on the cause of this condition, we do not know if it is due to a hardware or software error. This is definitely not a good start for the iPhone 12 mini, hopefully Apple will quickly fix this problem to avoid further affecting the user experience.​

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