Curious about the phone number in Knives Out gamer received a surprise ending

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Believe that a lot of game players have encountered a truck with the words “防水,补漏。电话:0571-26201183” have you ever been curious with this phone number. To answer the questions of gamers, a gamer tried to call the above phone number in a sense of suspense, because not knowing what the other end of the line would be, many people speculated that maybe it was just a phone call. a virtual phone number, added by the manufacturer to look good, but the answer is completely different.

After calling the other gamer, it was really surprising, because the other phone number picked up, and the recipient was really beyond imagination, it was the game’s customer service number. This is really a deliberate but extremely ingenious design of the developer Knives Out. And you out of curiosity have you tried calling the number above?


In addition to the humorous events on the sidelines, some Knives Out gamers shared with each other how to zoom the viewfinder up to 30 times. First you will log into the game, look for an AK gun or a sniper rifle. After getting the gun is the most important time, adjust the scope to face your eyes on the phone screen, then use your hand to zoom out, so you can snipe more accurately. It’s simple right!


Currently in China, Knives Out PC version has received much better reviews than the mobile version. Gamers think that the mobile version is difficult to manipulate and the movement or vision is sometimes difficult, And you, you like the mobile or PC version, you can visit the page below to choose to download the mobile or PC version to experience. .

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