Details of Update PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6, Halloween appears

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PUBG Mobile Lite Update version 0.14.6 brings the atmosphere filled with Zombie mode, exclusive weapon system, Winner Pass and the all-new PUBG Mobile Lite interface with an extremely attractive Halloween theme.

Today, PUBG Mobile Lite officially updated to the latest version 0.14.6, along with that players will experience the survival game in the theme Halloween, many items and rewards are also added to increase the fun of the game.

details did you update pubg mobile lite 0 14 6 halloween show up

Halloween comes to PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6

PUBG Mobile Lite update details 0.14.6

1. Survive Till Dawn Survival Mode
Survive Till Dawn is an interesting Zombile game mode that appeared on the PUBG Mobile version last year and is now available on the Lite version. Here players have to fight against Zombies, they are strong at night but very weak during the day, making the game more dramatic. The main goal is still to win, become a survivor.

details you updated pubg mobile lite 0 14 6 halloween show 2

2. New Exclusive Weapon
Not only that, in Survive Till Dawn mode, there is also the appearance of exclusive weapons M134 Minigun and Flamethrower. The 6-heart gun with powerful firepower will help you destroy the zombies faster, not to mention the presence of Flamethrower, Zombie’s nightmare.

details you updated pubg mobile lite 0 14 6 halloween show 3

3. Update Winner Pass
– Add Mission Card: Gamers can use Mission Card to pass, complete the mission in case of difficulty.
– Feature to support teammates, friends to do new tasks.

4. Other Updates
– Halloween theme will appear after players update PUBG Mobile Lite to version 0.14.6.
– Sawed-off Shotgun weapon has also been added, randomly appearing all over the PUBG Mobile Lite map.
– New download feature.

Currently, PUBG Mobile Lite version is developed specifically for low-cost device systems, players only need to own a mid-range smartphone with 1GB configuration and about 400MB of internal memory to be able to fight. If not you can play PUBG Mobile Lite on computer, with just a few little tricks.

Link to download PUBG Mobile Lite
What are you waiting for, if you don’t have the game yet, hurry up and download PUBG Mobile Lite right away, fight Zombies during the spooky Halloween event week.
– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile Lite for Android

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