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Many of you wonder how to get Code BomH? And how to use Code BomH? All questions from readers will be answered by Taimienphi here, right in this article, please pay attention to follow.

With the possession of quite rich character design graphics, the game BomH will definitely bring players many interesting things, useful moments of entertainment on the background of colorful graphics. And don’t forget to receive Code BombH, a little reward of NPH GameiWay for gamers.

code bomh

Boom game on mobile

Instructions to receive Code BombH

There are many ways for gamers to own Code BomH with valuable gifts, you can attend events on the game’s official website to receive Code BomH. Each event carries a different reward value.

Event 1: Check the error of receiving Code BomH
– Reward: Receive GiftCode 20,000 coins
– Link to join: Event 1

code bomh 2

Along with that, when accessing the Fanpage or Group forum, you can meet a lot of players, make friends from all sides, party together and fight together in any form, and can also receive Codes BomH.

– Join the Facebook forum to receive Code BomH here.
– Join the Group community to receive Code BomH here.

At the same time, please go to online newspapers, electronic newspapers or game-related information portals such as Gamek, 2games, gamehub, game8vn … to get Code BomH. With just a few Like & Share operations, you can receive a gift of ideas from GameiWay.

How to use Code BomH

Step 1: First you need to log into the game, on the main interface click on the . sign + (appears next to the number of gold or diamonds the table has) as shown below by Taimienphi.

code bomh 3

Step 2: Table appears Payment, here you choose tab GiftCode and proceed to enter Code BomH in the box Gift Code, fill Verification codes, press Receive After completing the steps to enter the code, the reward directly flies to the player’s bag.

code bomh 4

Thus, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to receive Code BomH, how to use Code BomH to receive rewards from publishers. Boom Mobile is also a bomb game version that inherits the best of the Boom Online game released a long time ago on PC. Boom Mobile There are 3 attractive game modes including classic, ranked and Survival quite interesting.

Link download game BomH

BomH is a bomb game product developed by GameiWay exclusively for mobile systems, the game offers many game modes with fast and attractive rhythms that bring extremely attractive moments.

– Link to download Android version: BomH for Android
– Link to download iOS version: BomH for iPhone
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