Details of the most complete Free Fire OB36 Update

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The Free Fire OB36 Advanced Server has officially started, along with the details of the Free Fire OB36 Update gradually “revealing”. If you don’t know, Advance Server is a special client that Garena releases before each major update to allow gamers to test out all the features.

The details of Update Free Fire OB36 such as mystery characters, pets, new character skills, …, are subject to change and may or may not be included in the official update. Free Fire 5 years old update brings 2 new characters with the ability to carry, increasing your win rate to receive BOOYAH.

details you update free fire ob36

Detailed content of the Garena Free Fire OB36 update

I. Free Fire OB36 update release date

Garena has been following a clear path to release the Advance Server test server and official update content for its FF game. As such, fans can easily guess the expected release date of the upcoming Free Fire OB36 version.

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The Season 14 leaderboard begins on July 21, 2022, one day after the release of the OB35 update, and will end on September 15, 2022. Therefore, the most accurate date prediction for the Free Fire OB36 update is September 14, 2022one day before the current CS ranked season ends.

II. Detailed content of the Free Fire OB36 update

1. New mysterious character

Advance Server Free Fire OB36 adds a new mysterious character equipped with a skill called Rebel Rush. This skill allows the player to move forward at a fast speed for half a second and has a cooldown of 40 seconds. After the character levels up, the cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds.

Free fire ob36

The interesting thing is that this skill can be accumulated and used 2 times at the same time with a cooldown between uses of 5 seconds.

2. New pet

The new pet in the Advance Server is named Fang, which will most likely appear with the update. Fang possesses a skill called Wolfpack Bond, which allows the owner to gain 10 more EP or 5 HP when an ally is defeated. The cooldown of Wolfpack Bond skill is 40 seconds.

Free fire ob36

3. Social Island

Social Island is a new feature that is expected to be added to Free Fire OB36. This feature allows gamers to participate in activities and make friends with other players in the game.

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4. New spaceship

A new spaceship has been added to the Battle Royale mode on Advance Server. This spaceship moves from one location to another and the player cannot shoot from the ground. The interesting point is that players can use the pulley to climb on the spaceship and receive attractive rewards in the match.

5. New Library

The new library feature available on Advance Server Free Fire OB36 is part of the Weapon category and can be used by players to showcase their arsenal of weapons in the game, based on rarity or type. weapons, … .

you are free fire ob36 every day
The Free Fire OB36 update is nothing more than new updates that regularly appear in the game. Each new update brings some changes to the game. To improve bugs, graphics and user interface. Changes to weapons, skills and character adjustments, changes to the ranking system. Iris and J Biebs are 2 new characters appearing in Garena Free Fire at version OB35.

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