Details of the guns, weapons in Valorant and how to use them

Valorant’s strategy-style FPS game has officially opened its doors and attracted a significant number of players based on the familiar, multiplayer gameplay of Counter Strike, PUBG and Apex Legends. In the lower part of the article, EmergenceInGame will introduce you to the main weapon system in Valorant, their classification and how to use them.

List of main and secondary guns in Valorant:

In the current version, Valorant has 17 guns, divided into 5 categories. Include:

Sidearm – Pistols:

1. Classic pistol:

We can easily recognize this is the default pistol in all FPS games from past to present: simple, easy to use, the rate of fire damage is moderate with 1 pistol. tablets.

Present Classic pistol This in the game Valorant is there 5 Skin:

2. Shorty Gun:

At first glance, we will think immediately Shotgun guns were sawed, and actually it is. This model of the Shorty gun is built in exactly the same way, and that’s why this gun does so much damage if fired at close range. However, small amount of bullets (2 bullets) and the range is limited so players only choose Shorty in the secondary gun position.

2 Shorty gun skins:

Skin 1 Shorty gun
Skin 2 Shorty gun

Don’t forget that, Shorty has the most powerful of all pistols / sub-pistols.

3. Gun Frenzy:

For CS: GO players, it will be recognized immediately, as it is very similar to the CZ75-Auto. This is a semi-automatic pistol, with a fast rate of fire, a 15-bullet magazine that helps Frenzy prove quite beneficial at an average shot range. Maneuverability is quite high, and players should shoot Burst style.

3 current gun skins Frenzy in the game Valorant:

4. Ghost gun:

One more work from CS: GO, that is the USP-S. As the only pistol equipped with silencers, bullets up to 15 bullets and the ability to chisel the wall is quite good, Ghost will become a “terrible” weapon when it falls into the hands of the master.

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Ghost pistol currently has up to 8 skins:

5. Sheriff:

Quite similar to the Desert Eagle pistol in CS: GO, and of course it also has power corresponding to the name DE. Possesses moderate ammunition (6 bullets), but the Sheriff’s strength is that in the amount of damage it can inflict, the ability to punch walls is probably just a little less than Shorty.

6 Sheriff pistol skins:

Sub Machine Gun (SMG) – submachine gun:

1. Stinger Gun:

The Stinger’s only outstanding strength is probably its very high rate of fire, so it proves to be extremely harmful when fired at close range. With a magazine of only 20 bullets, the ability to penetrate the wall is only acceptable (if not bad for meticulous players), that few people want to quit. 1000 credits Buying a Stinger is probably completely understandable.

Currently Stinger has only 1 default skin only:

Stinger submachine gun
Stinger submachine gun

2. Specter gun:

The rate of fire is not as fast as the Stinger, but in return the Specter has better damage and ammo count, so when fired at medium or long distances the Specter always dominates.

Currently, Specter has 7 skins:


1. Bucky Guns:

Advice for those who want to use a Shotgun in any FPS game is: only use it in close range. Because at that time it will optimize the advantage of Bucky’s “huge” damage. Bucky’s 2 bullets with a “slightly faster than a cow’s” rate of fire, perhaps Riot let Bucky into the weapon shop just for variety.

And Bucky also has only one default skin:

Bucky shotguns
Bucky shotguns

2. Judge gun:

Compared to Bucky, the appearance of the Judge is truly “savior” for those who love the firepower of the Shotgun series. The amount of ammo is quite abundant (7 bullets), the rate of fire is not too slow, the ability to chisel is relatively good, the Judge will not be afraid to rush into the crowd, especially the ability to jump and shoot.

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And Judge is also in favor of having “take” 2 skins in this version:

Luxe Judge Red

Rifle – Assault rifles:

1. Bulldog gun:

There is a way of firing similar to the Famas from CS: GO, and you should not shoot in the way of firing at a long distance, but let Burst click and release many times, 2 or 3 bullets each time. The rate of fire is relatively high, possesses 24 bullets magazine and the ability to penetrate is in average, acceptable, the Bulldog is not a bad choice, so a tight budget.

And now, Bulldog owns 2 skins:

Skin Bulldog
Ronin Bulldog

2. Gun Guardian:

If you are a headshot style gunner from afar, this is a better choice. Because Guardian stands out at a rather high Headshot ratio at medium to long distances, but is at a disadvantage if fired at close range. With Riot equipped with a magazine of only 12 bullets, the ability to chisel the wall is moderate, you should consider carefully when spending 2700 Credits to buy this gun.

Currently, Guardian has only 1 default skin only:

Gun skin Guardian
Gun skin Guardian

3. Phantom Guns:

This is a sample of rifles in “above” if compared with Bulldog and Guardian. Because first of all, the price is already 2900 Credits – pretty much higher. Next is a faster rate of fire and a lot more magazine – 30 rounds (which is a lot more advantageous if you are fighting at close range). Wall penetration is moderate and headshot would take up to 2 times to defeat the target.

3 current skin models of the Phantom gun in the game Valorant include:

4. Vandal Guns:

With the cost of the Credit compared to the Phantom, Vandal has a slower rate of fire, less ammunition (25 rounds), but its accuracy is superior to other rifles.

Currently, the Vandal has 7 skins:

Sniper – sniper rifle:

1. Marshal gun:

Not different from the Scout from CS: GO, which is a sniper rifle of a light type, fast zoom, fast shot, strong damage to unarmored targets, possesses a 5-bullet magazine that has the ability to chisel walls at a level. acceptable.

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And just like the fate of the Scout in many other FPS games, Marshal in Valorant is quite poor in terms of stats and only has 2 skins:

Avalanche Marshal

2. Gun Operator:

It was a godsend when Riot placed the Operator “monster” next to Marshal in the Sniper rifle line. Whatever is superior to Marshals (except for rate of fire), the armor or not is not a problem for the Operator. Just hit is 1 member 1 life.

And the bias is also quite evident with the Operator having 8 skins:

Heavy – Heavy machine gun:

1. Ares Gun:

Heavy machine gunning is characterized by its extremely strong wall-penetrating ability, ample ammo volume and an “unstoppable” rate of fire. However, the accuracy ratio is quite low, so using the Heavy Gun series requires high skill and composure. If you choose Ares, it is best to shoot or move, then keep the gun center down to avoid the bull’s eye bouncing too high. In Valorant, Ares possesses a 50-bullet magazine and extremely high penetration ability.

The gun is called the god of war – Ares owns 2 skins:

Prism Ares

2. Odin gun:

Another god of war is mentioned, which is Odin. This is the god of war in Norse mythology. Odin’s ammunition is up to 100 bullets, so the rate of fire and the ability to penetrate walls are much stronger compared to Ares. The way to shoot is no different, you should apply the method of sitting and shooting, or moving while pinching the gun down.

And here is the appearance and unique skin of the Odin:

Default skin Odin machine gun
Default skin Odin machine gun

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