Free Fire: Everything you need to know about Desert Eagle

In Garena Free Fire, Desert Eagle is the most powerful pistol. Here’s everything you need to know about Desert Eagle gun while playing Free Fire.

The most powerful Free Fire pistol

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Warehouse weapon of Free Fire there are many types. However, people often focus on just one AR gun and ignore the rest of the options. To play better games, you need to adapt to every situation – They are challenges where you have to use weapons from different classes.

If the challenge requires you to use a pistol, the Desert Eagle may be the best choice because it is the most powerful Free Fire gun in this line. Here’s everything you need to know about Desert Eagle in Free Fire.

Overview of the Desert Eagle in Free Fire

Index Desert Eagle in Free Fire:

  • Damage: 90
  • Rate of fire: 33
  • Range: 74
  • Reload speed: 69
  • Magazine: 7
  • Accuracy: 45
  • Movement speed: 76
  • Cross-border: 0

Desert Eagle gun in Free Fire is actually one of the weapons with the highest damage (90 per bullet and additional damage for head shots). It also has a super high range, even more so than the AR. However, the Desert Eagle’s fire rate and accuracy were normal. So, carefully calculate each shot. An enemy without a helmet can be hit in the head with a bullet from this Free Fire gun if you aim the target and shoot at the right time.

You can equip a gun for increased range and precision or a silencer. The player can move up to 20% faster than normal while holding the Desert Eagle. This is the gun Free Fire Great for you when you want to move quickly and protect yourself.

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Gun design Free Fire Desert Eagle

The reason behind Desert Eagle’s “immense” power is the air-firing mechanism commonly used in rifles and pistols. The actual version of the Desert Eagle is still “overblown” too much because it does almost no damage with a real rifle. This gun is made by IMI factory (Israel Military Industries).

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