Details of ROS update 11/27, launch Event Black Friday

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This week, Rules of Survival officially launched a spending event called Black Friday for gamers, players after using Diamonds will be refunded with the corresponding rate. Not only that, the publishers also fixed some bugs related to 20v20 mode in the previous update version.

As you all know, Rules of Survival is a tactical shooter that combines survival features with a very large number of players, the game is constantly updated to launch many events, features and bug fixes to help. Gamers experience better on phone or computer.

Please update the details of the event on ros 27 11 at the black friday event

Rules of Survival updated November 27, 2019

ROS update maintenance time 11/27

As always, Rules of Survival will maintain and upgrade the game to the latest version.
– Maintenance time: From 05:00 – 08:00 on 11/27/2019
– Note: The maintenance period lasts 3 hours and maybe more, you cannot enter the game while the server is upgrading or under maintenance.

Detailed content of ROS update on 11/27

1. New Content
– Launching Event Black Friday
+ Open the Black Friday Event on November 29, on the day of the Black Friday event, gamers who make purchases or spend in the Deals Store can receive Gem refunds, the more they spend, the larger the refund amount .

2. Fix bug
– Fix QBZ bug, Death Bite sometimes display error.
– Fix the issue of not being able to pick up items in some situations in 20v20 mode.
– Fix ranking error when summarizing incorrectly in 20v20 mode.
– Fix bug when skydiving can’t move.
– Fix bug with the display of Chinese characters.
– Fix the bug where the team color was behind in the 20v20 self-made room.
Currently, the survival game PUBG Mobile has been updated to the latest version 0.15.5 with the appearance of the brand new The Ruins map, there are many Tips to play Ruins PUBG Mobile map that gamers should know, reasonable playing tactics will help you win, receive more rewards.

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