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In the past few days, after the Dia1 player and the manager of SBTC Esports were banned from VCS activities for “going at night”, the Zeros is one of the strongest voices on the story involving a close comrade. He constantly streamed the tournament, revealing the dark corners of the old team GAME Esportswhich, according to him, is the cause of a series of young talents being destroyed, including Dia 1, as well as many players who are suffering from unfair wages compared to the effort they put in.

In his sharing on the stream, the information that surprised and surprised the online community the most was definitely Zeros’ revelations about the salaries of GAM players. In many industries, not only the field of e-sports, salary is considered confidential information, not disclosed to the outside.

EasyLove sniper.

The first is EasyLove, according to Zeros, the salary of this player at GAM is only 5 million VND/month, 1/3 of the salary in the old team. Zeros also said that when EasyLove asked for a salary increase, the former owner GAM only agreed to raise it from 5 million to 7 million VND, which is much lower than the salary of the substitutes. Immediately after being called on the stream, EasyLove quickly “cleared” with a personal Facebook status line urging people not to believe Zeros’ excessive “joke”. However, not long after, EasyLove suddenly appeared on GAM’s transfer list, or roughly speaking, it was “for sale” even though the player’s contract had to expire in November 2021.

Salary 5 million is real, right?

Know and ask.

This makes many fans League of Legends turned his back to criticize Zeros for being his best friend’s “stone bowl”, harming EasyLove and losing his job. However, in the new message posted by Zeros, EasyLove corrected his former teammate that he had left GAM even before the Zeros incident took place and the reason for leaving the team as well. It has nothing to do with Zeros. Notably in the message is the part Zeros asks “The salary of 5 million is real, isn’t it?” then EasyLove replied “Know, then ask”. So fans can be sure that Zeros’ exaggerated “joke” is true.

Before that, Zeros himself also revealed his salary when he was still wearing GAM and urgently recalled when Team Secret only finished in the top 4 but received a salary (40 million) many times higher than the GAM champion team. At that time, Zeros received a salary of 5-7 million, the achievement bonus was only 16 million, even members Kiaya If you beat all the matches, you will only get 17 million.

Player Kia.

In addition, Zeros also revealed the salary of the substitute support player Hieu3 only 4 million VND/month and no contract, but GAM wants to sell Hieu3 for 200 million to another team. Zeros also confirmed that the salary of Zin – GAM’s main ADC in the 2019 Summer Split as well as Worlds is 10 million. Meanwhile, the reserve members for the 2020 season like Jisoo and Genza certainly much lower than this number.

Players Jisoo and Genza.

Not stopping, on the stream yesterday evening 20/5, Zeros continued to mention the name of GAM Esports captain – Do “Levi” Duy Khanh. Specifically, according to Zeros, in addition to the salary that Levi receives at GAM (about 100 million VND/month), this jungler is also promised another bonus. If Levi can lead GAM to the championship VCS Summer 2019, he will be rewarded with 40 million per month and the tournament lasts 5 months, this amount is equivalent to 200 million VND.

But currently, according to Zeros, Levi has not received a bonus even though GAM is the champion. In the message released, Levi also admitted that he had not received the money. The much-loved captain also determined not to claim it because he didn’t consider the prize money to be real from the start. Previously, Coach Tinikun also mentioned that GAM owes Levi “2 dragons” (Levi was once invited to sell a dragon for 100 million VND), this amount coincides with the number that Zeros mentioned.

GAM Esports captain – Levi.

The matter is becoming more and more tense that the League of Legends community in recent days has forgotten that there is a cult international tournament called MSI 2021 that exists, but only focuses on “breathing” drama with unknown words of war. never stop.

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