Sudden heart attack, Call of Duty player dies at age 21

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While Call of Duty community eagerly looking forward to the release date Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War suddenly received a sad news. Call of Duty gamer professional Maurice “Fero” Henriquez passed away suddenly last night from a heart attack.


Fero, also known as F3ro, is currently a member of the Call of Duty League team – Florida Mutineers. The news of Fero’s death was confirmed by the Florida Mutineers on the team’s official Twitter page. There were many rumors that Fero’s death was due to suicide but the real cause was that he suffered a sudden heart attack and could not survive.

Fero’s passing at the age of 21 is indeed sad news for the family, the Florida Mutineers and the Call of Duty community in general. Many colleagues also expressed their infinite sadness at this great loss: “Fero is a good gamer, although he is gone, his dedication will certainly not be forgotten.”

In response, Fero’s family also thanked the Call of Duty community for the “love and support” they have given him. In addition, the family also hopes that the community and the media respect individual privacy and do not spread baseless information related to Fero’s death.


Recently, we have witnessed many sudden departures of young streamers and gamers, one of the most worrying causes is depression. Regardless of the reason, this is a reminder to everyone, that while we are alive, we should cherish and love each other because we don’t know when our loved ones may die.

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