Deathgarden – 1v5 PvP game officially put into Beta test

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Deathgarden is the latest game from Behaviour Digital, a game with a “fashionable” battle-survival theme but makes a difference with a 1 vs 5 confrontation setting. Each game is a battle between a “hunter” Hunter and 5 Runner “the fugitive”. While the hunter is equipped with full body armor and heavy weapons, the remaining 5 players have almost no armor, only masks and light weapons.


Deathgarden is expected to open Closed Beta within 1 week before opening early registration on Steam in August. Right now, gamers can register to receive the beta key from the homepage. Compared to the Alpha demo, the Beta version has quite a few changes, including a new weather system, upgraded party features, added 3 abilities and 2 advantages for Runner, added 1 weapon and 1 ability. 2 advantages for Hunter.


Trailer for Deathgarden’s Closed Beta

Gamers who order Deathgarden before August will be automatically upgraded to Deluxe Edition as soon as the game launches. Package includes access to Closed Beta and Soft Launch, Origin skins, game music and artwork. It is estimated that the whole thing is worth about $49.99 but gamers only need to spend $29.99.​

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