Unable to hold back tears with a series of photos of “people who stay” after Avengers Infinity War

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This year’s blockbuster of MarvelAvengers : Infinity War brought the most shocking and painful ending in the history of this cinematic universe. After the snap of the evil Thanos, half of the universe was immediately wiped out without a trace, even many superheroes could not escape this fate. The moment watching loved ones gradually disappear before their eyes makes those who stay extremely sad. This event took away a lot of tears from the audience sitting in front of the screen.

Currently, the 10th anniversary masterpiece of Marvel Studios ended its screening in theaters after 2 months. It also earned a respectable box office. However, whenever it comes to the end of the movie, fans can’t help but feel sorry for the superheroes who died. Because the echoes of the “infinity war” leave such a strong impression, a French artist with instagram account: petite-madame drew a series of photos of the survivors Infinity War. Although fortunately not among the half of the universe that perished, their loved ones are no more. The image of Thor sadly holding Loki’s hat or female general Okoye standing next to the empty throne of Black Panther really makes viewers feel haunted.

The ‘petite-madame’ painter’s vivid drawings really bring people back to the painful reality of the aftermath of wars. For now, all the fans are hoping in Avengers 4, the surviving superheroes will find a way to turn the tide and defeat Thanos. And who knows, the characters that the audience always love such as: Spiderman, Loki, Black Panther… can be revived. Because this departure is a great loss for the entire Marvel cinematic universe.


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