Death Stranding makes PC gamers couldn’t be happier

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It is a game developed in the hands of a master Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding This is one of the most anticipated games of this year. However, the game is only aimed at releasing exclusively on PS4, which makes PC gamers somewhat disappointed. But now players don’t need to worry about that anymore. Since the beginning of August this year, there have been a number of rumors and leaks revealing that Death Stranding will have a PC version in addition to the existing PS4 version, but only at the level of rumors. But yesterday, Kojima’s studio officially confirmed the existence of this PC version as well as the release time.​


This may come as a surprise to some players, as Death Stranding first appeared at Sony’s performance during E3 2016. At the time, Sony’s press release stated that the company “will be” continues to expand its portfolio of software with compelling names and deliver a PlayStation-only experience.” Previously, Kojima also shared that his first game after leaving Konami was “collaborating with PlayStation”. And the game’s trailer in E3 2018 stands out with the words “only on PlayStation”.


It seems that now things are going against everyone’s initial opinion, in his tweet, Kojima Productions thanked the players for their support over the past time, and announced Death Stranding will update. PC in early summer 2020. The game will be released by 505 Games – the publisher of Remedy’s Control as well as many other titles. Anyway, this is good news for PC gamers who don’t own a PS4.​


505 Games – the publisher of Death Stranding PC has not announced which platform the game will be distributed on, but the latest game released by this studio has been exclusively distributed on the Epic Games Store, most likely this will Repeat with Death Stranding. As for PS4 gamers, they will be able to experience this brain-hacking game soon on November 8.​

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