Dead laughing FPS game honored by… KFC fried chicken

Chet cuoi game FPS duoc ton vinh boi ga ran KFCwsomq - Emergenceingame

In the past few weeks, the account twitter KFC Gaming held a “World Cup” for games. 64 new and old titles go head-to-head in knockout brackets based on player community votes. Lots of blockbusters from Call of Duty to Wii Sports, Doom to Animal Crossing, all stopped before reaching the finals held this weekend.

In a bracket, Minecraft got off to a strong start, beat The WitcherRed Dead Redemption, Pokemon and Portal on their way to the finals, and it looks like the title is a strong contender for the championship. However, in the other branch of the tournament, the player community made an effort to “plow to vote” for another blockbuster.


Rainbow Six brought down Overwatch in the first round, defeating God of War Lam Kratos in the second round, and then leaving Need for Speed ​​in the dust. When the tournament entered the quarterfinals, the fan community really exploded, sending Rocket League “to the garden” and then wiping out Grand Theft Auto to ensure Rainbow Six’s place in the finals.

In the final match, despite Minecraft’s previous success, Rainbow Six won with 70% of the votes and nearly 100,000 votes total in the entire competition, making Ubisoft’s tactical FPS title the game best in the world – according to a representative Twitter account of KFC fried chicken.


The true meaning of the tournament will vary from person to person, but with impressive titles as a result, titles will likely be rewarded in order of ranking – KFC says it may “have to give a reward to the R6 family”, is it a Tachanka burger tower?​

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