Send bulk emails with Mozilla Thunderbird for free

Usually when sending mass emails we will have to use a professional Email service, such as Mailchimp or GetResponse. However, today will show you how to send bulk emails using Mozilla Thunderbird for free.

Sending mass emails is a job that most marketers, webmasters, or salesmen have to do every day. However, most have difficulty getting used to a professional email service with many features like Mailchimp, GetResponse, or Aweber. In addition, the prices of these services also increase as the number of senders increases. Then for simplicity, please refer to how to send mass email for free using Mozilla Thunderbird itself, one of the leading email management tools today.

Send mass emails for free with Mozilla Thunderbird

Download and install the latest version of Thunderbird

Step 1: First you need to download the add-on Mail Merge

mozilla thunderbird

Step 2: Create a contact list using Excel and save it as CSV. Usually a contact list is attached LAST NAME, FIRST NAMEand MAIL. Please refer to the image below for more details.

free email account

Step 3: Next, compose a new email to send. On Thunderbird on File > New Message > Message or use the key combination Ctrl-N.

When filling out information, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • To: {{MAIL}}
  • {{FIRST NAME}}: Will call FIRST NAME in your Excel file
  • {{LAST NAME}}: Will call LAST NAME in your Excel file

Please refer to how to compose a basic email as below.

mail merge gui mail hang loat

Step 4: After composing the message, click File > Mail Merge. Here customize the settings as shown in the picture. Note the File option is where your contact list Excel file is stored. Finally press OK to send.

mozilla thunderbird email gui, mien phi email gui, mail merge gui hang lot mail

After submitting please enter Outbox to view files in progress.

gui email hang loat mozilla thunderbird 5 - Emergenceingame

For emails that have not been sent, right-click on the email and select Send Unsent Messages to resend.

gui email hang loat mozilla thunderbird 6 - Emergenceingame

All the steps to send bulk email for free with Mozilla Thunderbird are as simple as that. You should pay attention to create many Excel files and send the email in several times, because if you send it once to a large list, it is likely that your email will be listed as spam, at this time your efforts will be put in the trash. . We also have articles send mass emails with iWesoft Free email Marketingrefer to it for more details.
In the previous tips article, we also showed how to merge mail (Mail Merge) with Thunderbird and LibreOffice Calc to save your time, if interested, please refer to how Mail merge with Thunderbird and LibreOffice Calc here

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