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You are passionate about HD movies, with good picture quality but quite heavy and take a long time to load. Orbit Downloader software is a free download support software with an easy-to-use interface and quite light capacity, and the download speed is superior to other applications in all aspects.

Like many other video downloader programs such as IDM and FlashGet, Orbit Downloader also supports downloading videos, in terms of the number of users. IDM Still the top choice in this field

download video bang orbit downloader

Download videos with Orbit Downloader
However, Orbit Downloader still has its own strengths. In the process of using, many of you cannot use the movie and video download function of Orbit Downloader. With this guide, you will definitely use the video and clip download function with the fastest speed.

How to download videos quickly and simply with Orbit Downloader

Download and install the latest version of Orbit downloader

Step 1: Open the Orbit Downloader program

Step 2: Open the website with the movie you want to download

Step 3: At the Orbit downloader icon on the system tray (next to the clock, the lower right corner of the screen). Click to select Grab++

download movie bang orbit downloader

Step 4: A menu Grab++ appear. Then Grab++ will automatically catch the video link you want to download.

su dung orbit downloader ear movie

Step 5: Select the video link to download. Click on the word download

A new window Create New Download appears, here you enter information about the downloaded file

In the URL box: Is the download link of the Video (this box is the default)
In the Save to box: This is the path to save the video file you are about to download
+ By default, this file is saved on the drive C:Downloads
+ If you want to choose another storage location, then Click Browse… and choose a new storage location.
In the Save as box: Select the video file name you want to save.
In the Site box: Indicate file size information and storage drive space
+ Here the video file I downloaded has a capacity of 753.70MB.
+ Storage capacity 24.05GB
After setting the file parameters, click Download to download Videos to your computer

download orbit downloader

– Image file Video is being downloaded by Orbit Downloader

How to use orbit downloader

So we have shown you how to download Video Clips or movies with Orbit Downloader software with quite simple steps. Thanks to that, you can enjoy movies right on your computer without worrying about the picture stuttering like watching online. If you are not satisfied you can Download videos with FlashGet or many other software available on

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