DC tries to compete with Marvel with its own Joker movie

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After the movie Suicide Squad 2016 Warner decided to release another movie to expand the cinematic universe DC. The main character of this project is not a stranger, it is the clown Joker. Although the role Joker by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad is considered to be faded and has not won the hearts of fans, but Warner still wants to continue to dig deep into this character.


According to information, the actor will participate in and executive produce the film, which is said to pave the way for the creation of a new “cinema universe” based on the film platform. Suicide Squad. Warner Bros. had been planning to release a movie centered on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn since before Suicide Squad landed in theaters. Current news about private movies Joker shows the company’s efforts in making the group’s characters Suicide Squad known to the general public and helped strengthen their small cinematic universe.


Initial, DC and Warner Bros. tried to imitate the strategy Marvel Studios used to build its cinematic universe, by introducing characters in each movie, then building a grand composite story. But the dark, bloody look of movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice does not arouse the interest of the audience. The climax is when Justice League finally debuted with fan expectations with Joss Whedon taking over as director after Zack Snyder was fired. But is considered an overwhelming disappointment of DCEU. Like so many movies DCit earned a substantial amount of over $650 million in worldwide theatrical release, but still lags behind Marvel as it grossed over $1.5 billion on the global stage with the film. The Avengers (2012).


The only big exception beyond “DC disappointments” is blockbusters Wonder Woman Directed by Patty Jenkins. After the success of this movie, it seems DC is planning to escape the dark, interconnected cinematic universe like Marvel. Under that strategy, the newer films will be related to each other and focus on exploiting each individual character in the universe. The independent films of Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) and Jared Leto (Joker) are probably part of this effort, along with Aquaman coming, the sequel of the whole Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.


However, apart from the expansion plan of the universe DC, Warner is also in the process of producing another separate movie about Joker but the actor playing is Joaquin Phoenix instead of Jared Leto. Although this movie is completely independent of DCEU. But it makes people feel confused because the studio released 2 movies with the same theme and only different actors. Reasonable Warner wants to poll the audience, so that viewers can choose to support the party Joker which more? Anyhow, all of these plans show up Warner and DC trying to keep up with the mighty superhero empire that has lasted for 10 years Marvel.

Joaquin Phoenix to play Joker in another solo movie

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