Darkwood game configuration

The new horror survival game on Steam, Darkwood takes players to many mysterious places around the world, explores desolate locations that are constantly changing day by day, here is the Darkwood game configuration for you. read.

Darkwood is a survival game with a top-down perspective, the player can cover the whole world where there are many mysteries and horrors. Players must collect a variety of equipment and use skills to survive day after day.

darkwood game wallpaper.

Darkwood – Horror game with attractive survival mechanics on PC

– Link to download PC version: Darkwood

Darkwood game configuration

Before coming to the required and recommended configuration of the game, you must check the information on your computer, to compare with what we bring to you in the article. You can check in many different ways such as using the built-in software or using a 3rd party program. CPU-Z computer hardware testing software Here.

1. Minimum configuration

– Operating system: Windows Vista.
– Processor (CPU): Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz or equivalent.
– Memory (Ram): 4 GB RAM.
– Graphics (VGA): GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850.
– Storage: 6 GB of available space.
– Additional notes: Minimum resolution 1280×720.

With the minimum required configuration as above, you can only play Darkwood games at low graphics and the game also appears laggy, making the Darkwood experience not very good.

2. Recommended configuration

– Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit.
– Processor (CPU): Intel i3.
– Memory (Ram): 6 GB RAM.
– Graphics (VGA): GeForce GTX 660.
– Storage: 6 GB of available space.
– Additional notes: Minimum resolution 1280×720.

This is the Darkwood gaming configuration recommended by the publisher to gamers, fully meeting the above requirements, you can play the game at the highest setting, Full HD resolution reaches 60fps, of course if you own A more powerful machine can be set higher.
The above is the entire configuration of the horror game that combines the Darkwood survival element that players need to know before downloading, Darkwood is recognized by the world gaming community as a good and attractive game, but to experience it. If you have a good experience, your computer must also have a good configuration. In addition, if you want to play Steep game, please refer to Steep game configuration here.

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