Top used Rifles in PUBG Mobile

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There are many types of weapons to choose from in PUBG Mobile, but the best ability that will increase your chances of getting to the end of the match are Rifles, rifles, when you pick up items on the map, be sure to Be sure to watch out for the rifles, they will give you some of the best range and damage in PUBG Mobile.

Currently there are 5 guns Rifles gun (rifle) that players can pick up and use in PUBG Mobile, want to know which ones to ignore and which ones you should look for is important if you want to survive and increase your chances of winning, come to Top guns Rifles in PUBG Mobile are used the most.

Top sung rifles in pubg mobile are the most used

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Top used Rifles in PUBG Mobile

1. Groza

If you are looking for a great Rifles gun that has a lot of damage, range, and rushes to empty the magazine, then the Groza is what you are looking for. The Groza weapon also has the highest rate of fire of any rifle, making the Groza perfect for firing a ton of bullets at your enemies as quickly as possible. The only interesting and difficult thing about this gun is that this gun is extremely hard to find, so you will probably only come across it once during a blue moon as you explore the map and take down enemies.

– Ammo type: 7.62
– Damage: 48
– magazine capacity: 30
– Range: 100-400
– Loading speed: 715
– Fire rate: 0.080s

Top sung rifles in pubg mobile are the most used 2

2. AKM

If you’re having trouble finding Groza, chances are you’ll end up with an AKM in hand at some point. This AKM gun is found all over the map, no matter what game you are playing and it is definitely one of the better choices for players when it comes to Rifles. While the AKM has the slowest rate of fire of all PUBG Mobile rifles, it’s still a target for many thanks to its great feel and smooth performance in almost any combat encounter.

– Ammo type: 7.62
– Damage: 48
– magazine capacity: 30
– Range: 100-400
– Loading speed: 715
– Fire rate: 0.100s

top sung rifles in pubg mobile are the most used 3


This SCAR-L rifle has been heavily modified over the last 9 months by the PUBG developers, but it seems they have found the perfect match specifically for it, and although the SCAR-L is not easy found like AKM, you’ll find it more than still Groza. The gun has the second slowest rate of fire in the Rifles class of rifles, but making up for the slow rate of fire is its ability to provide accuracy and control.

– Ammo type: 5.56
– Damage: 41
– magazine capacity: 30
– Range: 100-600
– Loading speed: 870
– Fire rate: 0.096s

Top sung rifles in pubg mobile are the most used 4
Just because these Rifles have the best stats doesn’t mean the M416 and M16A4 are unusable. In fact, you will have to use both of these rifles quite a lot during combat in PUBG Mobile, moreover you will find these 2 guns a bit more often than the 3 listed guns. listed above. Above are the Top Rifles in PUBG Mobile that are used the most, with the best stats that Taimienphi has collected to share with you. Also, if you like shooting Shotguns, please refer to the article about Top Shotguns in PUBG Mobile ours.

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