Raging the mythical world with the super hot tu fairy simulator on Steam

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Amazing Cultivation Simulator is a Chinese game that has grown strongly in recent times on Steam. Since opening early access in January last year until now, the “brainchild” of GSQ Games There were almost 10,000 comments, 90% of which were positive reviews. It is not too difficult to explain the attraction of Amazing Cultivation Simulator because it is a fun game like Dwarf Fortress nice Rimworld.

Based on a famous fairy tale novel, Amazing Cultivation Simulator will bring players to the world of Chinese mythology where you will play the role of a prosthetic monk who is walking on the arduous and challenging spiritual path to ascend. To become a god, along with meditating, players also need to practice martial arts and exercises to improve the character’s level. Similar to Rimworld, in Amazing Cultvation Simulator, you have to build your own sect, acquire and train disciples.​


There will be a lot of things players need to handle to develop the faction: gathering food, resources, building rooms, hoarding assets, preventing and fighting wild animals, crafting weapons, clothes In the typical roguelike style, each campaign of Amazing Cultivation Simulator will be played on a different map with random triggering events.


Amazing Cultivation Simulator is ending early access and will be officially released on November 25 with English in addition to the existing Chinese language. This will make the game more accessible to the international gaming community.​

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