Cyberpunk 2077 appears an error for the character “snooping” on the player

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Some players Cyberpunk 2077 notice that they are being followed by some NPCs. Player staigerd89 shared his strange story on Reddit: “This is driving me crazy, an NPC named Hwangbo has been stalking me since some initial side quests. The fast movement got me out of the NPC for a few minutes, but then I saw a green icon appear on my radar and it was definitely Hwangbo, he followed me throughout the city.”

The above situation is not random because Hwangbo is a character the player needs to escort to a specific location. However, when a bug prevents the player from completing this quest, Hwangdo will accompany V everywhere – including other mission locations.


This is quite a scary experience because of the way Hwangbo dresses and the way this NPC stares at the player from many different positions, especially in The Heist mission when the player is hiding, the NPC suddenly appears. appeared in the middle of the room where the secret meeting took place.

Many other players have reported the same error. Another Reddit user shared that he was being followed by another NPC with a scarier appearance named Dum Dum.


This is one of many bugs CD Projekt Red need to be fixed quickly. The latest 1.04 patch has resolved an issue related to some images that can cause epileptic seizures.​

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