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Bored when the strategy game is also “crazy” according to the Battle Royale mode


Big September update of Civilization IV has docked. Besides many features previously revealed by the developer, this version also brings a big surprise: it is battle royale mode. Present, Civ 6 there is an official battle royale mode named Red Deathand the mode above is even more ridiculous than players can imagine.

The Red Death multiplayer mode takes place in a nuclear-ravaged future. The player’s mission is to protect civilian units from enemies and the Red Death – an expanding radioactive cloud that forces the player to fight inside a circle of safety that continuously shrinks over time. time. The player with the last surviving civilian is the winner.

Players can choose one of the special factions in this mode, from the Doomsday Preppers – the faction that gets 100% experience – to the Pirates – the faction that takes 50% less water damage. Players receive new units from exploring city ruins or raid camps. As the Red Death circle begins to narrow, players will have a chance to find items like tanks, artillery units, and nukes.

Readers can visit Steam for more details about the game’s latest update.


The team of Firaxis Games recently made the promise of a multiplayer mode “different from what we’ve done before”, and they certainly delivered. The September update also includes lots of other content for die-hard Civ fans.​

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