Controversy over the beauty of First America Nam Tru Tien 3D

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As previously reported, right after the Miss Tru Tien 3D contest was just launched, there were many male gamers who blamed and complained that NPH was too favoring women when it was always organized. contests honoring women, while men rarely have any beauty contests. Before the opinion of the majority of players in the community, Tru Tien’s Board of Directors decided to organize more contests to search for “First America Nam” right after Miss Tru Tien closed.

Immediately, the contest attracted the participation of a large number of “brothers” from all guilds and servers. After exactly one week of competition based on the method of calculating the number of likes of the entries, the contest has officially found the most favorite contestant faces. However, like many beauty contests before, the final result could not help but cause a lot of controversy and could not satisfy 100% of the audience. In particular, the face that won the First Prize of My Nam – gamer Ha Minh Thanh from server 1 Vong Nguyet with 218 likes.


As soon as this result was announced, many controversial controversies broke out discussing the beauty of First America Nam. Accordingly, many opinions expressed disapproval of this guy’s beauty. “Wow, the 2nd and 3rd prizes are still ok, why do you think the first prize is not a handsome man”, “where is the handsome guy”… as many players commented.


In the face of disparaging comments from other members, recently, a friend of the First My Nam had to personally voice “counterattack” with very strong words that made anyone intend to further controversy must be silenced. According to this guy, the contest rules are based on the number of likes, so even if no one is more handsome than anyone else, they already have more likes, winning the first prize is natural, even if you don’t agree, the results are clear. clear.


The friend of the First American South faced the challenge: “Having many good friends and then sitting and mobilizing relatives and relatives to vote is like going to the international male king contest. Sit there and comment like this or that. It’s just an event, 10k gold, it’s all up. Rice that has been cooked into rice cannot be turned into rice again. So reduce the profession. This is based on the criteria of the most likes to win. Even worse, there are more likes already. Know who to blame now.”

Surely after this “rebuttal” post, those who still feel unsatisfied with the results must also be silent because the argument that the guy gives is not wrong at all. In fact, praise and criticism is inevitable because everyone’s concept of beauty is different. Besides some criticism, many people also think that First America’s appearance is quite “cool”, romantic, winning the first prize is not too difficult to imagine.


After all, this is just a fun and entertaining contest, to create a playground for gamers, so we shouldn’t put too much weight on the criteria, raise our point of view too harshly!

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