CSGO: Which country owns the most Global Elite game?

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Global Elite is the highest rank you can achieve in CSGO. No need to explain further, only really talented gamers can achieve this rank. You have to spend thousands of hours playing to practice regularly if you want to protect this rank.

So have we ever wondered which country owns the most Global Elite in the world? It seems that this article has partly answered you.

Research done by Leetify recently showed the number of Global Elite per million inhabitants of the countries. Data is collected in many regions of which mainly Europe, also Americas, Asia and Australia.

Topping the list is Finland with a figure of 3,362 Global Elite per million inhabitants. In second place is Estonia with 2,046 gamers. Denmark trails at 1,867 Global Elite. You can click on the image link above to track the specific number of each country.

Nuoc nao so huu Global Elite nhieu nhat CSGO scaled - Emergenceingame
Global Elite per 1 million people of countries

According to Leetify, they collect this data based on more than 7 million games that have been analyzed. Leetify also says that about 1.04% of all CSGO players are Global Elite. This is really a somewhat surprising number, which means that on average 100 CSGO players, there will be 1 person reaching the Global Elite rank.

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