CSGO: Updated Halloween with ghost mode

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Halloween is coming, and in keeping with the tradition of this spooky festival, CS:GO has added a new update with spooky features to the game modes.

In Casual, Demolition and Flying Scoutsman, the player can scare people as ghosts when you die at the end of the round.

- Emergenceingame

Ghosts can:

  • Visible only by ghosts and observers
  • Using Graffiti
  • Interact with in-game objects (balls, glasses, potted plants, etc.)
  • Turn chicken into zombie chicken
  • Take over Bots when using them
  • Two pumpkin balls randomly appear on the map during Halloween
  • Improved chicken’s ability to avoid hitting the wall
  • Chickens now appear in non-competitive games during the Halloween event
  • Chickens also have souls in this event
  • Popcorn gun?!



  • Map bug fix
  • Fixed multiple stuck locations
  • Fixed many incorrect collisions in the game
  • Upgrade your radar


  • Small optimization
  • Improve readability
  • Fixed multiple respawn locations in deathmatch
  • Fixed sound effects at A Pit
  • T-Water no longer kills players
  • Update radar


Halloween has come, why don’t you try the new horror designs of the map?

  • Remove connector between Long A and Underpass
  • Blocking the long view from Long A CT to the courtyard
  • Reducing door height in Underpass
  • Add window in Underpass
  • Leave the closed door leading down to Underpass
  • Removed the large area on the field of the old Bombite A
  • Move Bombsite A area to ramp
  • Block most of the way to T’s spawn area
  • Move multiple spawn locations of T
  • More items that can be climbed in the dropdown
  • Added shielding in the corridor leading to the side platform Bombsite B
  • More Halloween themes


  • More images for anonymous workshop maps
  • Fixed the error of wrongly storing live player information
  • Fixed random vote map issue.
  • Edit vote tab
  • Fixed a bug that caused early votes to be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug where the end of the match was choppy in consecutive matches
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mouse pointer to suddenly appear at the end of the game


  • Timeout is now saved and restored during backup rounds
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