CSGO really has many hacks? Or do we just blame it?

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Nearly every CSGO gamer claims that CSGO games are full of hacks. But is this true? Or is CSGO just full of blame and smurfs?

Topics surrounding gameplay screening as well as investigating ‘actors’ in the game (understood to use hacks but pretend not to use them) are quite common on forums. In general, hacking in CSGO is something that most people agree on, but now some players are debating whether this is really true.

Does the game really have as many hacks as people say, or is it because the CSGO community is full of blame? It’s a pretty featured post on reddit/GlobalOffensive

Does the game truly have a lot of cheaters as people say, or is there a lot of sore losers in the cs:go community? from GlobalOffensive

If we play long enough, we’ll probably see at least one teammate or opponent turn on a very obvious hack. An easy match against a below-average team quickly turned into a ‘disaster’ by people who turned on the headshot hack through the wall with auto or rotated the headshot 360 degrees.

In a post on Reddit, many gamers said they rarely encounter hackers, making many people skeptical about the ‘hacking problem’ in CSGO. Most of the gamers who make this point are high-ranked, those who are called hacked when they shoot well. In fact, the number of times they encounter a hack is far less than the number of times someone is accused of hacking. This leads many people to believe that the game doesn’t really have as many hacks as we think, but that bad players find excuses for their poor playing skills.

CSGO hackers often have new hacks

The admission of widespread hacking in CSGO shows that VAC, Valve’s anti-hacking system, is still very easy to bypass.

Hackers say the game has dozens of new hacks that the system cannot detect and prevent. Players have acquired the ability to ‘hack actors’ in the game. Even advanced gamers still can’t detect a seasoned CSGO hacker.

So whether CSGO has more hackers than other FPS games is still a question mark, or in fact, the toxic community is looking for reasons just to complain.

While CSGO may not have as many hackers as people think, the game’s anti-cheat system can be bypassed. However, the number of VAC bans sometimes spikes, showing that Valve is always finding new ways to fix bugs. And if the player is not a ‘professional actor’, then surely the possibility of eating VAC ban is very high.

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