CSGO: North overtakes Astralis to win DreamHack Masters Stockholm

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The final of DreamHack Masters Stockholm spanned three maps, with North beating Astralis 2-1 (16-1 Dust 2, 6-16 Train, 16-11 Overpass) to lift the trophy and pocket the money. $100,000 bonus.

North got off to a surprising start to the finals, taking a 6-0 lead on T’s side in dust 2, Astralis’ map pick, without any problems from the opposition. After using a tactical timeout from Astralis, North pushed split B leaving Magisk exposed, allowing Kjaerbye to catch. The remaining members of North quickly took over the site.

The match continued, North continuously controlled the map quickly. Astralis only won two gunfights when the score was led by a compatriot opponent 10-0. Thanks to gla1ve and Xyp9x, Astralis finally got its first score. However, MSL pocketed 3 lives in the 2v3 phase after planting the bomb, destroying Astralis’ economy (12-1).

After the first half ended 14-1, aizy excelled in the second pistol round and single-handedly helped the team win that round, killing three Astralis as the opponent attempted to climb from Long to A. North. ended the match immediately at a score of 16-1. The game that moves to the second map is Train.

A quick B push from Astralis in the first round of Train quickly broke down to help North take a 3-0 lead on CT. Even if they lost the first gun round, gla1ve’s team could still go up and get the first score. They destroyed North’s economy then to equalize 3-3.

With abundant money, Astralis began to control the tempo of the game and destroy the opponent’s defense, quickly widening the gap to 8-4. Device shined when North struggled at A, letting Astralis win round after round. But in the end, valde got himself 4 kills in B, ending the first half with a score of 10-5.

After switching to CT, Astralis successfully retakes B in the pistol round and the next round force-buy to keep the lead. Kjaerbye quickly entered B to help North win the first round of guns, but Astralis kept himself up to 3 guns and responded immediately with an active 3-man B-Hall (14-6). Stopping two weak builds from North, Astralis finished map 2 at 16-6.

Magisk’s treble with Glock helped Astralis win the pistol round on the T side at Overpass, the team started quite well. But the approach to both sites was completely blocked by North in the first round, and Kjaerbye’s active positions became too difficult for Astralis to resist. Immediately after, the score equalized 3-3.

After an effective B hit on Astralis, they focused on the site continuously, always finding success with dupreeh as a key element of the team (8-3). Adapting to the opponent, MSL with the AWP does not allow North to be far behind. Xyp9x clutched the last round to give Astralis a 3 round lead in the first half.

But North did not let this gap widen. In the second half, the bottom team won the pistol round and two rounds later to equalize 9-9 before taking the lead with a very quick push to long A, leaving the device unable to return. When the score was 12-9 for North, that was also when Astralis started to win a few individual rounds. Unfortunately, North was able to destroy B’s defense, win the round, and put Astralis’ money in a weak position. North quickly ended the match at a score of 16-11.

- Emergenceingame

The final rankings of the teams in the tournament:

first. Denmark North – $100,000

2. Denmark Astralis – $50,000

3-4. Sweden NiP – $22,000

3-4. Europe mousesports – $22,000

5-8. Europe FaZe – $10,000

5-8. Ukraine Natus Vincere – $10,000

5-8. Denmark Heroic – $10,000

5-8. Brazil MIBR – $10,000

9-12. China TYLOO – $2,000

9-12. Other HellRaisers – $2,000

9-12. Canada Ghost – $2,000

9-12. Denmark OpTic – $2,000

13-16. United States NRG – $2,000

13-16. Sweden fnatic – $2,000

13-16. Australia Grayhound – $2,000

13-16. Kazakhstan Gambit – $2,000

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