CSGO: All G2 members signed new contracts except kennyS

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FACEIT Major London was considered the first test of the G2 lineup and the results they achieved were not very positive.

Two overtime wins against HR and Cloud9, two understandable losses against MIBR and FaZe. Their Legend position was decided when they lost to coL in the second game, a match where G2 was considered the stronger team and could have moved to the 2-0 win bracket.

Immediately after the event, the team decided to bring in former EnVyUs coach, Damien “maLeK” Marcel, at the ESL One: New York event. At the Big Apple, the team performed well, beating FaZe Clan in BO3, a team that G2 always struggled with. Unfortunately, the boys then lost to Liquid and NRG in the deciding match.

When criticism was directed at SmithZz and bodyy, ScreaM also voiced that he was ready to join G2.

ScreaM also said that he wants to play with “good people” like Ex6TenZ, shox and SmithZz. According to a source from VPEsports, G2 will not have any changes in the following months. Although ocelote has criticized the team on twitter, the team still has time to build things around Ex6TenZ and shox, who initiated the roster remake project.

According to VPEsports, the squad signed a new contract before the major, the contract lasted until the end of 2020. The new contract means a lower salary but the players’ lives are guaranteed.

However, not all have signed a new contract, as kennyS has not yet signed a contract. At the time of writing, nothing has been agreed and kennyS’s departure in February is a possible theory. Negotiations between the gunner and the organization are still going on.

According to Vpesport

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