Warframe is about to release a super update with 21 interesting changes

Warframe chuan bi tung Update sieu khung voi 21 thay doi hap dan8836cd2c39fe3764 - Emergenceingame

A bunch of big content updates coming Warframestarting with major gameplay quality changes and balance adjustments. Big update the first in 2020 of the title – Warframe Revised is an effort to review, revise, and refresh content with 21 major changes, and is expected to launch in the first week of March.

The update cuts the cost of building Railjack. Each Railjack part will have a price drop of 66% to 75%, and the build time takes just six hours. Players will be refunded the difference in the cost of the built parts, even after the Rising Tide quest has ended. The developer saw accessibility as key to the future value of Railjack, so they made it easy for new players to build this spaceship.


Armor, health and shield types including shields – the system that protects the player’s health bars in battle – are being reworked. Additionally, self-damage is no longer available – players will now only stagger when near range of explosions. Specifically, the player can stumble or be knocked down completely depending on the distance from his position to the explosion. Players can also set the FOV (field of view) to a new maximum of 90. The update also brings many other interesting points, readers can see details on the official Warframe website.

The developer stream also provided more details on Warframe’s 2020 roadmap, including an expected release date. Operation Scarlet Spear in early March – after the Warframe Revised update – and Deadlock Protocol in April.

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