Super hardcore shooter prepares to remake the game’s most popular Map

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In Escape from Tarkov, Interchange to be map It includes a shopping mall located at the intersection of two highways. This map is being redone in the next patch and players will need time to get used to the new version.

In spite of Battlestate Games The exact change of Interchange hasn’t been released yet, but the developer revealed that the rework of the map will feature new exfil points. That’s especially important for Scav users, as players need to learn and memorize new escape routes if they want to leave Interchange with the items they’ve picked up. The rework version also adds new lighting and interactive objects to Interchange.


Version 0.12.4 also brings some new systems to the game. The player’s character has the ability to get a fatigue debuff, which will appear if the character runs out of stamina. When in a fatigued state, the character will consume energy faster than normal, having difficulty running fast, jumping or crawling on objects.

Battlestate Games has also divided the stamina system into two parts; one for the lower half of the body and one for the upper half. Characters will consume foot stamina while performing movements such as running and jumping, and will lose hand stamina when performing movements such as aiming and throwing grenades.

The patch also introduces a new weight mechanism. If you carry too much stuff, the character will be weighed down, comes with a special debuff – makes more noise, can’t move quickly and will drain stamina faster.

Another significant change coming to Escape From Tarkov in 0.12.4 is the leveling requirement for the auction shop. Normally, players can access the auction store as soon as their character reaches level 5. However, after this patch, the character must reach level 15 to enter the auction shop. This has caused some controversy on the Tarkov forums and subreddit, but most players think this will be a good change to ban/restrict cash-plowing accounts.​

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