Last Tide – PUBG undersea version for gamers to fight sharks

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In the storm Battle Royale sparked by PUBG During the past 2 years, we gamers have had a lot of new games for ourselves.. Some try to copy the exact formula of PUBG, some want to go their own way with unprecedented gameplay. It was also the time that Last Tide appears, the game throws players into the deep ocean where hungry sharks are living.


With a completely new setting Last Tide and foreplay like no other. There all players will be placed on the rocket launcher of a warship. When this ship passes through the map, this missile array will be launched freely into the sea, allowing gamers to choose a location and begin their survival journey in the middle of the ocean.


Because of operating in the middle of the deep sea, gamers can put their hands on extremely unique weapons such as grenade launchers or javelin launchers. Of course, with these weapons, gamers can still put their hands on conventional guns with the ability to operate underwater. However, the attractive element of the game is the ability to move freely in 3D space, allowing players to attack enemies in all possible directions.


And yet, the game also adds environmental factors that directly affect the player’s ability to fight. Yes we are talking about sharks, predatory creatures that can kill you like any other gamer. Conversely, gamers can also take advantage of the power of these ocean monsters to indirectly attack the opponent. If you hit the target with a special warhead, the enemy’s heart rate will increase abnormally and thereby allow the surrounding sharks to be easily detected. This mechanism creates unique situations where gamers can apply a variety of strategies.

Presently Last Tide available on PC’s Steam system. Readers can buy the license key for this game directly here:

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