Create a snowfall animation to greet Christmas, noel

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Christmas is only a week away from us. Right now, Christmas atmosphere has filled the streets. In order to get into the wonderful Christmas atmosphere, many people have prepared warm Christmas wishes and many meaningful gifts. In this article, will show you how to make snowfall animations to give to your friends and loved ones with Sqirlz Water Reflections.

One piece Noel present meaning, not in kind. What’s more wonderful when on Christmas Eve, you let your other half admire her photos that you have created a very romantic snowfall effect.

There are quite a few software to help you do that like Sqirlz Water Reflections for example. With Sqirlz Water Reflections you can create photos with a snow effect that is not inferior to those taken under real snow. Because of this, you don’t need to go abroad or go to Sapa, you can also watch the white snowflakes fall right on your photo.

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Instructions to create a quick, simple, and easy to do snow gif image

How to create a snowfall animation to greet Christmas and Christmas

Request: Download and install the software Sqirlz Water Reflections here.

Step 1: Open the Sqirlz Water Reflections application, select Open or press the key combination Ctrl + O. Find the image file you need to edit.

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Step 2: Click the picture icon Parabola named Start creating Outline . Then use the left mouse button to circle the area you need to create the effect. Right click once done.

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Step 3: Press Customize Rain/Snow (snow icon).

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Step 4: The custom panel appears. Checkmark Snow and Within Outline Only. India Run Rain/Snow only to preview the effect.
Step 5: Return to the main interface, click on the text icon GIF and select as shown. Then press OK.

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Step 6: The Frame rate dialog box appears, click OK.

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And here is your amazing result.

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Let’s create romantic animations for your half to make the Christmas season warmer. In addition, users can also Create a chibi photo to welcome Christmas funny to give to relatives and friends besides using other anti-virus software to protect data as well as to surf the web more safely.

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