How to download and install Ulike on your phone

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Understanding how to download and install Ulike on your phone is the first step that users need to know before discovering features or learning how to use the great photo editing and shooting software that is being used by many users, especially especially young people love.

Application Ulike owns a full range of tools to support taking and editing photos that are loved by young people such as skin beautification effects, tweaking eyes, nose, mouth, chin, … as you like. What’s more interesting is that if you don’t know how to pose, Ulike will always suggest you stylish and fashionable photo poses for excellent charismatic photos.

How to set up and install ulike on phone

Download and install the beautiful photo editing application Ulike on your phone

However, before going to learn more about the interesting features of this photo editing application, please first consult with Taimienphi on how to download and edit photos. install Ulike on your phone in the following content.

How to download and install Ulike on your phone

How to download and install Ulike on Android and iOS is similar. Taimienphi will perform instructions on the Android interface, iOS users refer and follow.

Step 1: Click on the link to download the appropriate Ulike application for the device.
– Download link Ulike for Android
– Download link Ulike for iPhone

Step 2: The system will automatically redirect to Google Play, press the . button Setting.
Step 3: After the installation is complete, press the . button Open to launch the application.

How to listen to ulike on phone

Step 4: Press the button Accept with Ulike’s Terms and Policies.
Step 5: Keep pressing Allow to agree to grant access.

how to reset ulike data on android phone

The basic working screen of the Ulike editing application will be as shown below.

How to install and install ulike on iphone

Through the shared content, Taimienphi has completed the necessary steps to download and install Ulike on the phone and introduce a few basic features. Hopefully, with a powerful photo editing and shooting application, it will help you be more confident when taking photos and get more photos you like. When editing or taking photos with Ulike, the application will automatically add a logo to the image, if you don’t like it, you can refer to the tip of removing the Ulike logo on a photo in another article on Taimienphi!

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