Revealed authentic evidence that the “father” of Genshin Impact is developing Honkai Impact 4

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As reported in mid-June, according to the China Intellectual Property Office, limited liability company miHoYo registered a trademark for the sequel of the series Honkai Impact with the name Honkai Impact 4. This trademark was applied for registration on May 27th and is awaiting processing. That can’t help but make fans of this series happy because the sequel they’ve been waiting for is actually being developed.​


Recently, there has continued to be more evidence confirming that this game really exists. Recently many people discovered an account Weibo named Honkai Impact 4: Galaxy was quietly registered (Weibo is a major Chinese social networking site, similar to Facebook and Twitter). This account name completely coincides with the brand name that miHoYo registered before. Moreover, Weibo side also confirmed that this account is managed by miHoYo Shanghai.

From the information displayed on the account, it can be seen that it was created on August 27, 3 months after miHoYo registered the trademark Honkai Impact 4. Temporarily this account has not posted any content. , probably because Honkai Impact 4 has yet to be officially announced.​


Honkai Impact is a series mobile games Popular action role-playing by Chinese developer miHoYo. The game impresses gamers with beautiful anime-style 3D graphics and fiery gameplay. Launched at the end of 2016 Honkai Impact 3 has created a great buzz, which makes fans even more looking forward to experiencing the new sequel of the series.​

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