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TeamViewer – software that supports remote computer connection, access to another computer, use and send or receive data from that machine easily. Very handy when you have a friend far away asking you for some computer problems, or when you are at the office and need to get into your personal computer at home to be able to pull data from it.

TeamViewer software supports users to access remote computers. With the Remote Desktop Connection feature, it helps users a lot in work and study, especially without geographical distance. In addition, you can manipulate directly on the computer you connect to.

Set up a remote location from teamviewer

TeamViewer – Connect and control remote computers easily

Currently there are many programs that support computer connection, in addition to TeamViewer, RealVNC, UltraVNC … and TeamViewer are all great tools to help you connect to access remote computers, to better understand how Using TeamViewer, please follow the instructions below to be able to use the software to access other computers easily.

* Load RealVNC
* Load UltraVNC

Instructions for connecting remote computers using TeamViewer

If you don’t have the software. you download teamviewer here: download TeamViewer

Step 1: Open the program

– At the program interface, you will see 2 lines Your ID and Password

This is your TeaViewer ID and Password. In order for others to use TeaViewer to access your computer, you need to open TeamViewer, send that person your ID and Password. And vice versa, if you want to access another person’s computer with TeamViewer, that person must also send you ID and Password.

Set up a remote location

Step 2: As mentioned in Step 1. When you receive the ID from the computer you need to access, enter the ID in the Partner ID box -> Select Remote control -> Select Connect to partner

teamviewer has a remote location

– Next, you will have to enter the Password from the computer using TeamViewer you want to access

Enter Password -> Select Log On

Use teamviewer to connect to remote computers

Finally you can access the computer with the ID and Password sent to you

teamviewer has a remote location

Isn’t it simple to use TeamViewer to connect to another computer remotely? Thanks to that, you can easily control and manipulate data on other computers from your computer. To use TeamViewer more effectively you can enable the Windows startup feature in TeamViewer.

In addition, you should check TeamViewer version See if it’s free or commercial. If it is a commercial version, you will be limited to using TeamViewer for 5 minutes, while it’s free, you can use it for an indefinite time.

Also, you can find out Other interesting features of TeamViewer was introduced by in the tips.
GoToMyPC along with TeamViewer are effective remote desktop support software, see how install GoToMyPC to install this software on your computer and use it to control another computer remotely

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