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BitHunters – Japan’s “New Pokemon GO” has a date on Mobile

Surely people still can’t forget the phenomenon Pokemon Go caused a global fever in recent years, making the family go crazy. Bringing the AR game genre into a hot hit like never before, stirring up the game market that day. After that, there were quite a few games to follow, and recently in Japan there is a fever with news that an AR game with content based on the gameplay of Pokemon Go is in development and will be released next year called BitHunters.

The Japanese game company Real World Games, the creator of BitHunters, recently announced that they are in the process of developing the game and are expected to be available on ios and android platforms in January 2018. You will become explorers. adventure with his phone to go around the world to slay monsters. If playing alone makes you bored, you can also team up with your comrades to kill monsters. The developer hopes that players through this game can find interesting things in life, through ibs locating players will be able to play anywhere. About the game’s graphics, it is true that you have never been disappointed with the game graphics in the land of the rising sun. You can watch the trailer below to admire the beauty of the game and better understand how to play. Will the game make the same success as Pokemon Go, let’s wait and see in the near future!



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