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If you are a lover of shooting games, you definitely cannot ignore it Call Of Duty (COD). The game developed by Tencent was officially launched in October 2019 and quickly occupied the position of the most popular mobile game in history.

Like PUBG Call Of Duty There is also a mobile version and you can completely download this game to your phone to experience. However, CODM Owning extremely vivid graphics, your device needs to meet certain standards that the manufacturer recommends to be able to experience this game. The following will be the minimum configuration recommended by Tencent on both iOS and Android models. Please refer

Configure iOS phone


For iOS devices like Iphone, iPad, game title CODM Only support models iPhone 6S and up and iPad is word iPad 4 Mini and up and minimum operating system is iOS 9.0, at least free space 2.1 GB. However, for the game to play really smoothly, your phones are best advised iPhone 8.

Configure Android phone

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As for devices running on the Android operating system, the minimum configuration to play Call Of Duty Mobile must be

  • Snapdragon chip minimum 6xx
  • 2GB RAM above
  • At least free memory space 6GB

Thus, through this article, you already know whether your device can play Call Of Duty Mobile or not.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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