Battlefield 6 revealed release date, can it compete with Call of Duty?

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According to Twinfinite, during its quarterly financial conference, CEO Andrew Wilson of EA mentioned the company’s plans for the future as well as content with the new console. There will be another sequel to the series Battlefield developed, but players have to wait until 2021 or 2022 to experience the game.​


EA confirms that in 2020 its focus will be on Apex Legends as well as those shooting game other. Currently the number of players of Apex Legends has reached 70 million, the 3rd game is currently showing more positive expressions than the previous games. Apex Legends’ development team is expanding and new content will be added between April 2020 and March 2021.​


The game will be expanded on new platforms, including mobile, EA will bring the game to the potential market of China. Besides Apex Legends, many people are also interested in the future of the Titanfall series, when asked if there will be Titanfall 3, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said that he could not confirm anything but they certainly won’t. forgot “Titanfall”.

Andrew Wilson shared that they want to let new platforms, including PS5 and Xbox Scarlett build a certain base before launch. Battlefield 6. EA will do everything with this new sequel, including multiplayer, community as well as competitive.​


Battlefield 5 There were not very optimistic expressions, IGN’s rating for the game only stopped at 7.5/10 due to technical problems as well as a disappointing gap in content. Then EA DICE had to cancel some game modes of the game, struggling to meet the set deadline. Hopefully Battlefield 6 – the first game of this series on the new system will bring an experience worthy of the fans’ wait.​

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