Tips against Vector guns in Death War Free Fire

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Gamer Free Fire equipped with vector guns in the OB25 update through 2 Classic and Clash Squad modes, although newly added to the game, but on forums, many players have asked to remove Vector guns from the simple Death Battle mode. because it’s too strong. The following article will share you some tips against effective Vector guns in Death War Free Fire.

The Free Fire OB25 update brought a lot of new things to the game, and one of the standout additions is the Vector gun. However, it received a lot of hate from the community, not because it was useless but because it was too hegemony, too powerful, especially in Clash Squad mode because of the small map.

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Guide against Vector guns in Death Battle mode Free Fire

Vector is the first weapon that allows the player to hold 2 2-handed guns. That means the amount of damage it can inflict is absurdly high so many players have abused this weapon in Clash Squad to get an easy victory. That is why many players dislike this weapon. However, when dealing with enemies using a Vector gun, you can apply some of the tips shared here so as not to be overwhelmed and fight them effectively.

Tips against Vector guns in Death War Free Fire

1. Stay away from melee combat

Although the Vector gun does twice as much damage, it is only effective in close-range combat. The farther the target is, the less accurate they are and the more damage they do. Therefore, the best way to combat Vector guns is to deploy attacks remotely with AR guns or snipers.

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In addition, there are many other great options to use in combat like SCAR, XM8, AUG, M14 … These weapons are very versatile and useful in most situations.

2. Combination of M1887 + Glue Wall

While avoiding melee combat against Vector guns was the best way to counter this weapon, it wasn’t always possible. In Death Battle mode, the map is quite small and you will often engage in close-range skirmishes as the circle narrows.

Different vector illustrations in the tower free fire

Since the MP40 is not in Clash Squad mode right now, the only weapon that can go up against the Vector gun is the M1887. The M1887 is an extremely powerful 2-barrel shotgun that can finish the target with just 2 shots.

Other clouds vector in free fire cover by tu chien

However, the weapon only has 2 bullets, so you will need to combine it with the Glue Wall in case you miss. If the shot misses, place the Keo Wall immediately in front to avoid the opponent’s counterattack, then quickly reload and attack again.

3. Use the element of surprise

Having a smart combat strategy will always be your best weapon to defeat other players no matter what kind of gun they use. Instead of a head-to-head fight, you can try to attack them using Smoke Grenade, Gloo Wall, distract … and win the fight with ease.

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Characters like Clu will allow you to gather information about the enemy’s location and you can use it to your advantage in setting traps to take them down.

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Vector guns are strong and dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you will lose your life whenever you confront an enemy holding a Vector gun. With the tips shared in the article, you can easily counter this gun and even win the fight.
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