Instructions for making PET in Zingspeed Mobile

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Racing game combined fashion Zingspeed Mobile After a period of release, the market is increasingly attracting the attention of young people. The features of the game are increasingly being developed to be more diverse and attractive. Among them, there are pet features (PET). Today will guide you how to get a super cute PET by the fabrication function.

Anh dau bai 1 - Emergenceingame

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Instructions on how to use “PET secret” to make a pet in Zingspeed Mobile

First you go to the section Refueling as the arrows are shown in the picture

Step 1 - Click on Refuel

Then press PET secret

Step 2 - Choose Pet Recipes

In the PET mystery section, you choose the pet you love, you click Recharge 1 time or Recharge 10 times. If you do not have enough energy to recharge, you will be able to buy more with Diamonds. See how to load Diamonds for Zingspeed Mobile. Note, there are 8 PET energy bars, when these 8 bars are full, you will receive that pet Forever!

Step 3 - Select energy refills

Your next job is to bring these PETs to join you on the fiery races. When reaching enough level, the PET will evolve more and more mature, more eye-catching appearance and increase in strength!

Adult Pet

Quickly create your own pets, because some time later, these PETs will be replaced by new PETs and you will no longer be able to make them!

Have fun relaxing hours with these super cute PETs in Zingspeed Mobile!

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