Commands in League of Legends

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LOL command, League of Legends code

To play the game League of Legends (LOL) effectively you need to learn from other players’ experiences, practice skills, know how to combine shortcuts as well as commands to manipulate more quickly. Please follow all the commands in League of Legends below:

All commands in the game League of Legends

Chat command

  • Chat with one person: Type the command “/ w” or “/ whisper” or “/ msg” + recipient name> Message content> Press Enter.
  • Reply to the most recent person message: Type the command “/ r” or “/ reply”> Message content> Press Enter.
  • Chat with allies: Press Enter> Enter the text to convey> Press Enter.
  • Chat with all your allies and opponents: Press Enter> Type “/ all” or “Shift + Enter”> Enter your text> Press Enter.


  • To send content to a competitor you need to open a chat (Show all dialogue) and the opponent does not Mute you.
  • Press Enter 2 times without filling in content will open and disable the chat interface, do not send any content to others.

Chat command in League of Legends

The command mutes, ignoring the player

  • Hold down the “Tab” key, the bulletin board pops up> Click the mute button next to the player name who doesn’t want to receive any more messages. Click the button again to continue the chat (match is in progress).
  • Type the command “/ mute + player name”> Press “Enter” to turn off chat. Retype the command to receive the message again (match is in progress).
  • Retype the command “/ mute + all” to turn off chat all heroes (ongoing match).
  • Type the command “/ ignore + player name” to disable the hero chat (all matches since this one).
  • Type the command “/ ignore + all” to disable chat on all heroes (all matches since this one).

The command turns off Ping

Hold down the “Tab” key, the bulletin board pops up> Click the Ping shortcut next to the name of the player who doesn’t want to receive any more messages. Press the button again to continue Ping. Type the command:

  • / pingmute + player name
  • / pingmute + @ name hero
  • / muteping + player name
  • / muteping + @ name generals


  • / Pingmute or / muteping: Will block ping, smart ping and interface ping from players.
  • / fullmute or / mutefull: Block both text and ping from players.

Note: This command is available from League of Legends version 7.10.

Emotional command

  • Teasing: Type the commands “/ joke” or “/ j” or “Ctrl + 1”.
  • Taunt: Type the commands “/ taunt” or “/ t” or or “Ctrl + 2”.
  • Dance: Type the command “/ dance” or “/ d” or “Ctrl + 3”.
  • Laugh out loud: Type the command “/ laugh” or “/ l” or or “Ctrl + 4”.
  • Change the effect of the hero: Type the command “Ctrl + 5”.
  • Show off the icon’s effect: Type the command “Ctrl + 6”

Other commands

  • Display a list of other commands: Type the commands “/ help”, / ?, “/ allcommands”, “/ allcmds”
  • Vote surrendered: Type the commands “/ surrender”, “/ concede”, “/ forfeit”, “/ ff” (will be lost)
  • Vote not surrender: Type the commands “/ nosurrender” or “/ noff”.
  • Election of remakes of another match: Type “/ remake” or “/ rmk” (no loss)
  • Save the content to the file “MyNotes.txt”: Type the command “/ note” + “content”.
  • Pause the match (tournament use only): “/ pause”, “/ stop”, “/ s”
  • Turn on or off the function of filtering vulgar content in the chat: “/ chatfilter”

Try to memorize these LOL commands to manipulate quickly!

Updated: 11/14/2020

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