The female gamer who was accused of hacking now becomes a “pro gamer” of the Overwatch League

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Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon is definitely not a strange name to many gamers Overwatch, as she has proven her talent through countless matches and tournaments over the years. In fact, her talent was once suspected by male colleagues and denounced as cheating. This incident once caused a lot of controversy in the community at that time, and finally Geguri proven clean by Blizzard itself.


Since being exonerated, Geguri still “fights” in professional Overwatch arenas like Korea’s Apex League. At that time, she also received the title female gamer participate in this professional tournament for the first time. Geguri’s talent is undeniable, so the game’s fans were quite puzzled when there was no official professional team of Geguri. Overwatch League signed her when this tournament launched.

That question was gone, when Shanghai Dragons officially signed a contract with Geguri along with 2 other Korean compatriots, Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok and Cheon “Ado” Ki-hyun. For fans of Shanghai Dragons, this is a much-needed roster change as the team has performed poorly and hasn’t won a single game since the launch of the Overwatch League (0-8).


Geguri’s trademark hero is Zarya. Geguri’s ability to use Zarya has reached the level of “God” as many people call him “Zarya in real life”. Perhaps, this ability of Geguri is partly due to the similarity between her and the character, when Zarya herself is also a strong woman and is always ready to prove that she is not inferior to the others. beard.


Currently, Geguri’s contract with Shanghai Dragons has not been officially recognized by the Overwatch League (according to the rules of this tournament, a person will only be able to compete in the tournament once the league has received and recognized his or her contract with the Overwatch League). team). If all goes well, Geguri will be playing under the Shanghai Dragons shirt starting February 21, when the second phase of the Overwatch League officially begins.

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