Official! Korean hackers have to go to prison

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Hack problem in the game is always a headache of the player community and game developers/publishers. They not only completely remove the entertainment nature of the gamer’s experience, but also directly affect the fairness of Esports products. That’s why over the years the game village has been fighting non-stop against this problem, applying both Anti-Cheat systems and real-life effects.


However, the most significant step in anti-hacking is the fact that governments have their own laws in this regard. Accordingly, if one develops and operates a Hack/Cheat tool in countries like Korea or China, a person will face a direct prison sentence like any other offender.

That is also what just happened in the land of Kim Chi when the government of this country for the first time sentenced to prison with a Hackers in the game. Accordingly, the 28-year-old hacker, whose identity was not disclosed, was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years of probation after selling Hack/Cheat tools and received an amount of up to 200 million won, which is more than 4 years. billion VND – SBS News reported.


In fact, earlier this year the government of this country also conducted sentencing for the case of two other hackers, but both only had to receive suspended sentences and pay fines. This particular case is different when a hacker in the game was imprisoned for the first time in Korea. Hopefully this fight against Hack will not stop here, especially after the Korean government passed the anti-Hack law in 2016.


The Korean gaming community in particular and the world in general are also waiting for judgments like this not only for the Hackers of Korea. Overwatch but will also apply in many other games like PUBG, Dota 2 nice LoL. In fact, earlier this year PUBG also witnessed the arrest of a series of hackers in both Korea and China.

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