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As promised, on December 5, the publisher Funtap launched the Haki Mobile card battle game on Android and iOS systems, the product dubbed the King of manga also sent readers the Haki Ninja Code for the price. treatment, many purple combat support equipment is waiting for you.

Only a few minutes left until the official launch time strategy game general card Haki Then, what are you waiting for, do not hurry up and join the Event events to receive the Haki Ninja Code, ready to prepare for a joke.


Haki is officially available on Mobile

Code for Haki

– CodeChungNGHK
– dfeecdc271

How to get Haki Ninja Code

Joining the Event event held on Fanpage or Group is the fastest place for you to own Haki Ninja Code and gifts from NPH, giving you great experiences when transforming into characters in 2 sets. popular comics today.

Event 1: Launch news
– Reward: Haki Ninja Code includes 500 Gems and Three Swords.
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Download game to get rare Generals
– Reward: Code Tai Chi 3D General Nami and precious materials.
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Vote App 5*
– Reward: 3D Tai Chi Code includes Gems and Purple equipment.
– Link to join: Event 3

Event 4: Get Gems and General Aokiji
– Reward: Code Tai Chi 3D Gem, Gold, Wood, Refined Stone.
– Link to join: Event 4

Haki 2 code

Or you can also visit the landing game Haki Ninja and participate in the Wheel of Fortune, the opportunity to own the Haki Ninja Code and many high-value scratch cards are waiting for you. here, don’t forget to visit Fanpage or Group too.
– Join Fanpage to receive Code of Fake Haki here.
– Join the Group to receive the Code of Haki here.

Haki code 3

Instructions for using the Haki Ringtone Code

Step 1: First, you visit the website to enter the Haki Ninja Code here and log into your game account.

Haki code 4

Step 2: Choose server (game server), Character’s name that you want to use Code for Haki, enter the gift code received GiftCode and click Redeem GiftCode. Gifts will be sent to in-game mail.

Haki code 5

Thus, Taimienphi has just taught you how to receive and enter the Haki Ninja Code, using purple legendary items, equipment or champions will help you have a better experience in the early game.

Tai Chi 3D is also released on the same day as Haki Ninja, if you are interested and don’t know how to receive it Code Tai Chi 3D where, visit Taimienphi website, we will show you how to get it in just a few steps.

Link to download the game Code Ninja Haki

Haki Ninja is a card battle game with both tactical elements and in-depth, players can unleash their creativity, freely build a diverse squad with unique and unique skills of the character.
– Link to download Android version: Haki for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Haki Fake Ring for iPhone

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